Working its magic as both a timeless pop hit and indeed a clear acoustic contender – one that would no doubt connect beautifully in a stripped-back, unplugged live setting – Atmosphere marks a fine introduction to an established songwriter, with a clear talent and style of his own.

Folk PopPopSongwriter

In an age of pitch correction and quantised instruments, here is a journey into sound that allows you to hear every pluck, every strum and every word with a vibrancy and clarity that speaks volumes about the live experience and about an exceptionally well-rehearsed band that have been honing their craft and chemistry together for the best part of twenty years.

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Some music is beautiful in such a way that it feels familiar, yet fresh, the very first time you hear it. Like those emotions haven’t been soothed in a while, and suddenly this stranger, this artist, knows exactly how you’ve been feeling, and sings it away for you. Such a kind hearted act. Thank you, … Continued