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Reel Feels Sedona


Reel Feels brings together a dreamlike ocean of synths and a lightly industrial beat on this latest, entrancing new single Sedona. 

The beat is enjoyably unusual and it’s one that grows more and more creative and immersive as the track progresses. What begins as a fairly mellow trip hop piece soon evolves to become something much harder hitting and notably passionate in nature. This goes for the leading vocal performance and the rising intensity of the music alike.

Breaking down barriers between genres is becoming more and more common in modern music. In this case, Sedona drives with unique production and effective songwriting. The melody and the lyrics hold close to this central and title idea, but everything else comes with a touch of intrigue and mystery. Short lines follow the uttering of Sedona, as well as distant echoes of additional vocals and samples.

The verses between hooks offer detail and a defiantly personal outpouring that helps you really escape into the music in a personal way. That honesty makes the experience all the more worthwhile – the artist name is perfectly on point for the openness and emotion within the music.

There’s an element of EDM to the later sections, as well as hints of hip hop, and all in all this makes for a superb, creatively free few minutes of expression that are quickly addictive.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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