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Rebekka Louise Shame is an Old Friend


London songwriter and artist Rebekka Louise pours her heart and vulnerabilities into the creative process, with the fearlessly revealing, intimate and impassioned new album Shame Is An Old Friend.

Lyrically extensive and dense verses blur the lines between spoken word and song, as we pave the way towards an always satisfying hook resolve. Twisted Affection presents all of this, and these traits, the free-flowing stream of thoughts and reflections, continues to prove a thread of character throughout the full album.

Openly exploring the depths of mental health turmoil and its impact on both the self and the surrounding world of relationships, Shame Is An Old Friend unites complex contemplations with quirky electro-pop production, alongside a fine balancing of minimalism and energetic intensity. This balance comes from both the simplicity of many of the soundscapes, and the ever-evolving emotion and weight of Rebekka’s captivating performances.

Let Me Hold You is a fine example, and a definite highlight – an increasingly full arrangement, moving from stripped-back and near-acoustic to outright chaotic and unsettling; a clever representation of the spiralling thoughts and emotions at the centre of the project’s intentions.

Then there’s the higher dance pace and rhythmic sharpness of SHUT UP – versatility modest but worthy throughout an ever-changing playlist. The deeply evocative and cinematic alt-ballad it was beautiful also marks a powerful closing track, and wraps up the journey well – another favourite.

Unmistakable in both creative and literal voice, Rebekka Louise celebrates the freedom and escapism of songwriting and production with this album, and in the process seeks to connect with those who’ve experienced similar feelings of guilt, despair, and sadness.

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