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Reality Suite Kiss The Ring


Fresh from the upcoming album AwakenReality Suite have released the mighty single Kiss The Ring, complete with an accompanying video, and it’s everything you’ve come to love about the band and then some.

Fusing the better parts of their punk-pop approach with infectious melodies, stunning musicality, an EDM-like level of energy and a superbly detailed soundscape, the song rightfully showcases Reality Suite as the unstoppable force that they are.

There’s a purpose to a song like this, there’s an intention to the writing, and those leading vocals captivate beautifully to reinforce this right the way through. There are moments of quiet utilized brilliantly so as to create a stark contrast with the full throttle weight and power of the track at its peak. Insane guitar work is met by a quickly compelling chord progression and lyrical substance, all of which is strengthened further thanks to the band’s unquestionably impressive performances across the board.

Kiss The Ring is incredibly energizing, uplifting and empowering in many ways – the best way to experience a track like this is either at volume or at a live show. Though Reality Suite have always impressed, notably so, they still manage to continue to raise the bar and offer an unwavering beacon of hope for the future of rock. If by some strange twist of fate you’re new to their music, let this song be your unmistakable welcome aboard. Download or stream it on all platforms as of May 17th.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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