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Reality Suite Bury Me Alive


Reality Suite return this month with an awesome addition to their hard hitting, addictively melodic, pop and punk-rock inspired catalogue of tracks. More than just a return in fact – the track smashes into action with it’s heavy drum line and slick guitar riffs, followed by the classic, confident and powerful leading vocal we know and love.

There’s a depth to this track, even a darkness, which really makes it feel like it’s in a league of it’s own entirely. As always, the performances are immaculate, the music builds and builds, breaks away, is structurally creative and captivating, and yet in amongst all of this there’s a definite feeling of something new having been achieved. It’s like the band have taken this incredible leap forwards into alternate territory, without sacrificing any of what we loved about them in the first place.

It’s difficult to pinpoint what it is about the music, everything just fits brilliantly, it feels like an instant classic. The song has a stunning guitar solo section that is further enhanced by the immense wall of sound surrounding it, and on top of this the melodies and the lyrics throughout add everything you might hope for when looking for a brand new rock track to sink your teeth into. Something about the way that it’s been written adds a hearty dose of nostalgia to the ambiance, yet the whole thing sounds, without a doubt, completely new – and that’s what makes it so exciting. They’ve brought back the things we loved the most about early 2000’s rock and pop-rock, and fused it effectively with this fresh and always addictive Reality Suite sound. It’s one to play at full volume, one that will stay with you afterwards – making you feel the need to listen again – and yet another reason why you’d be foolish to miss out on a live show from these guys.

The video accompanying the song is no less than an epic effort from everyone involved as well, all in all offering up an impressive and welcome work of art for fans (existing and potential) to delve into. It’s great to hear the band come out with something so fresh so soon after their album release. They’re definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

Find and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Visit their Website for more details, and download the new single Bury Me Alive via iTunes. You can also click through to read our review of their album Skinn from earlier this year. Both photos come courtesy of Breanna Diaz for Creative Link Productions.

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