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Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) King Slayer Turn King


Showing far from a lack of confidence with his artist name alone, Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) smashes onto the scene with colour and style on this latest EP King Slayer Turn King. Taking the brightness and uplifting vibrancy of pop-hip-hop fusion, the likes of which previously made waves for Jay Z and other leaders in the rap game, the EP bursts into life with the iconic and immediately captivating Hip Hop Is Mine. What works about it is not merely the volume and confidence, it’s the artist’s lyricism and approach to expression – the ideas, the optimism, the motivational element. It’s energizing to listen to, which makes a difference in among a largely melancholy or dark and down-tempo arena from peers.

The ideas are what make this EP special. The opener kicks things off with energy and style, but there’s so much more to appreciate as things move along. War Games changes direction entirely, the darkness emerges, this tribal war soundscape accompanies a fast pace and a notably distinctive leading voice that quickly becomes known as the sound of the artist. The story-line is powerful and the music matches the sentiment perfectly. G.E.E.S.U.S Speaks follows on well, keeping you thinking deeply, keeping the tone serious and offering a mildly cinematic experience that feels like a crucial scene within the development of the concept.

Rise Of An Empire is a huge track, a wave of synths create an intense soundscape that accompanies a light-hearted yet confident tone that again offers a slightly different performance style. The eclecticism is strong, the story-telling and wordplay feed effectively into this persona of being the metaphor messiah, and the hook is immense – it contrasts powerfully with the verses and really makes for a stand out track on the project. Baal comes afterwards and lightens the tone a little. The production is superb, the details help build something that keeps you entertained and interested throughout. Brightness and high energy returns, the energy is inspiring, the realness remains and in fact grows stronger here. By this point, Real Talk has you in the palm of his hand. Fans of classic hip hop, well crafted wordplay and verses that mesmerize, will find this project refreshingly impressive.

A welcomed moment of light jazz and soul accompanies a spoken word segment for Message From a Legend, and this is really well placed – the mood set is perfect and as always your attention is held, while your energy is calmed. This leads you appropriately into the final few moments that are King Slayer Turn King – the characterful nature of the sound reaches an absolute peak here, the verses are immaculately crafted and performed. The rhythm of this track is driven by the vocal performance rather than the music – for the most part this haunting jazz vibe provides the backdrop, a gentle piano lingers behind the leading voice in a manner that really draws your focus to the words and the pace of their delivery. It’s a striking track, standing alone in its own right as a representation of the artist and the underlying concept that is this project. At the same time, it marks the closing of the EP with memorable strength.

Totally impressive at every moment, conceptually unusual and interesting, fantastic creative production all round, and flawless performances that add equal parts entertainment and depth. Undoubtedly one to watch out for. This EP makes for the perfect playlist to get used to the sound, and to escape to when only hard-hitting, confident hip hop will do the job.

Download the EP via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) on Twitter.

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