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ReachingNOVA The Meditation (Feat. Amnel)


There are a few things that stand out about this release. Firstly, it’s the classic feel of the music – the ambiance has a certain fresh smoothness to it, but the beat feels nostalgic and ReachingNOVA’s flow and story-telling fits in with that perfectly well. Secondly, it’s this somewhat unexpected connection between hip hop and meditation – it’s a refreshing concept, and the back and forth between this that’s presented in the hook, and the heartfelt, reflective honesty of the verses, makes for something that really provokes thought on an inspiring level.

The third thing to strike is the further contrast between the hook and the verses – the fact that Amnel’s sung chorus offers a quicker pace – a hypnotic melody on repeat – than the more mellow, poetic verses, creates something interesting. By the time the second verse hits you’re inclined to listen intently to every word, and by the third you’re completely entranced by them. The meeting of the two voices as well, particularly towards the end, makes for something that speaks volumes in its own unique way.

The song seems to take a touch of inspiration from classic, vintage hip hop, alongside of the positive steps to be taken in today’s world, and builds with this a piece of music and performance that follows its own light of truth – as opposed to any industry expectations or sure-fire methods for success. In reality though, it would take something very smooth and emotionally authentic like this to re-direct the mainstream rap world. ReachingNOVA writes and raps because it’s a part of who he is, and that’s captivating to witness, and ultimately very real.

The Meditation is a powerful song, using what works and aligning it with what feels right, introducing both artists in a mighty way and resulting in something easily memorable and likely to pull audiences in for any future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

2 responses to “ReachingNOVA – The Meditation (Feat. Amnel)

  1. Reaching NOVA and Amnel have a unique connection that flows through their voices. They are great together. This song is on ???and I can’t wait to hear more from them together. Peace-Love-Harmony?you guys are the Joint!

  2. I love this review because it’s honest, reaching NOVA with Amnel on vocal make a perfect combination. Meditation may change the direction of Rapp as we know it now. All my best to reaching NOVA and Amnel. keep on keeping on. Pops

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