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RAZFX Saucin On In


RAZFX returns soon after the smooth and infectious Bashment Party to bring fans a fresh track with a chilled vibe and an easy going display of riffs. The lyrics and flow here are top notch, RAZFX throws fire into the mix at every step for Saucin On In. The pace of the performance is quick and intense, contrasting greatly with the delicate ambiance of the music, making certain to reach out for your attention. If his previous release was the good vibes and songwriting required to capture the right kind of mood to draw you in, this is the artist’s real attempt to impress, and it’s executed well.

The vibe of this track makes perfect sense as a follow-up to what came before. RAZFX consistently brings together elements known to be working well in hip hop and RnB right now – think The Weeknd, Post Malone, Drake, the general good vibes and a lust-for-life level of energy. At the same time though, the more of his work you hear, the more that sense of character comes through, and there’s plenty of space to get even closer to the mind and insight of the writer still. The beat here works really well in laying the foundation for the lyrical outpouring that is gradually presented.

Structurally the track moves along pretty smoothly, as a lot of classic hip hop or trip hop works do. Keeping things interesting though is RAZFX’ songwriting and performance skills. The verses vary in pace and passion, sometimes fitting in with the laid back ambiance, other times taking the heat and energy of the writing to the absolute maximum and really letting listeners know what they’re dealing with. Both sides of the spectrum are necessary, the vibes are why we turn to music, the skill and artistry is why we stay and why we support.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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