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RAZFX Bashment Party


Right from this offset this release has such good vibes. The rhythm and lightness of those opening notes, that dance-hall or reggae-fusion feel, it quickly lays the ambiance effectively, and fortunately this is all backed up and enhanced by a notably genuine and warm sounding leading voice.

RAZFX is just 22 years old and already crafting colourful and memorable soundscapes and melodies. The set-up of this song keeps you interested throughout, the standard verse-hook-verse-hook arrangement isn’t on display, so there’s an element of unpredictability to it all. At the same time, the music just sounds good – it’s easy to relax and vibe to, and the various sections satisfy in the way that any well-carved melodic moment should.

As far as mainstream hits go, there’s something about a title that takes a seemingly familiar concept and twists it a little – this kind of approach draws you in, you think you know what to expect, and when the bounce of the music hits that feeling intensifies, then as things start to progress you get a whole gathering of details that really brighten up the scene and add character. This track works well for its classic, hopeful energy, but it also introduces audiences to the laid back yet confident performance style and writing skills of a talented, driven artist. The leading voice has a certain gentleness that tends to effortlessly deliver these various sections of the song in a fresh and appealing way. It’s a hit, and it’s got enough of that alternative edge to keep it shining brightly in every setting.

For listeners who haven’t yet heard his music, Bashment Party is a strong starting place for the creativity and musicianship of RAZFX. The track has a great hook and a number of smooth yet effective building blocks surrounding it that really bring the whole thing to life.

RAZFX is an artist & songwriter signed to his own independent record label, Gifted By Association / GBA Records.  Download the single via iTunes. Find & follow RAZFX on Instagram.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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