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Rayko & Robert Biehn Stay Alive: Suicide Prevention


LA-based composer, singer and musician Rayko collaborates for this latest release to draw attention to a topic that tears so many people apart. Drawing upon emotional turmoil and feelings of desperation, the song begins with a quiet backdrop and a vocal that softly whispers the details of the pain and struggle that can be recognized if we really look at each other. As the track progresses, the instrumentation builds subtly but surely – doing so in a fairly artistic and unique way; which helps further in making this a genuinely recognisable or different kind of song right now.

As things progress, the track continues to build, the music and that leading voice – and the surrounding, supporting vocals – all deliver with increasing levels of passion and energy; almost as if the sadness is being funneled through this arena of audio – to burst out as something brighter and stronger than ever at the other side.

There’s a partly classical or theatrical nature to the song and to the performances, which again reinforces the depth and intensity of the subject matter – as well as making sure to grab your attention from afar; to get the conversation started between all of us.

What works best about the song is that it resolves to offer solace – the finish line brings a sense of possibility, of strength and overcoming. Things can and will get better, this is temporary – if we listen to each other, maybe we can get through it. There’s an optimistic intention to the whole thing and this has been really well presented. Hopefully the song makes a crucial difference to those who stumble upon it.

We listen  into each Other
Feeling Felt, Less Alone
Despairing to Repairing: We can be Whole
Finding Purpose in the Dark Night of our Souls
For together we’ll Survive
We are the Light to Stay Alive

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