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Ray William Roldan Foreplay


This track is a great bit of broken down acoustic blues music, complete with the easy going yet satisfying voice of real rock and blues. The track has been recorded in an up close and personal style, so you can really hear the tone, the feeling, and the lyrics.

The song has an unusual concept to it, not so much the idea of foreplay, but the artist’s explanation of what it is to him. There’s a sweetness to the song that is quite unexpected – for the most part, the sense of metaphor is prevalent, but it works well in both instances. It’s really nice to hear something so open and honest, and this sort of reflective and mellow expression suits the acoustic setting brilliantly. The guitar sound is gorgeous, that laid back, mellow approach to music making always holds great appeal, and as mentioned, the artist’s voice has the wonderful warmth and slight croak of a person who lives well and experiences the world.

In terms of the songwriting, it’s a genuinely enjoyably few minutes of music and melody, and the whole thing does quite effectively get caught in your mind – the gentle nature of the music makes this a welcome experience, and it’s more than worth listening to a fair few times. It’s actually a really good starting point for listening to Ray William Roldan in general. The guitar sound and the voice are beautiful, very raw and honest sounding, with something like a classic Johnny Cash twang in there somewhere that gives off an air of reliability. If you are indeed a fan of acoustic blues music or soft rock, perhaps even Americana, you can trust this artist to make the sound that you want to hear. There’s plenty more music over on his Soundcloud page. Get involved.

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