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Ray Bally BodyMysterySplendor


There is something unequivocally honest and real about this EP. It feels familiar, yet nothing is quite as you’d expect. The calm and seductive introduction to Splendor & Hoax gives nothing away about what will follow. The track builds and builds with every line, instead of the usual verse to chorus layout. It fits well, and it warms you to listen to it.

What I really like about this particular song, is that there’s a strange kind of peaceful urgency; the moment is manic, but it has to be, in order for you to get it, and so you feel at ease – comforted by the knowledge that you understand, or that you have been able to make some sort of story up out of what you’re hearing. It’s a really beautiful song, a really interesting and tight band accompanying Ray Bally’s voice and lyrics.

A similar sort of atmosphere is set as Mystery Play takes the stage. Subtle yet hypnotic guitar work wraps itself around you, makes you want to write down your deepest thoughts and give them out to the world, put your stamp on existence. It’s an awesome track, an epic story that completely draws you into it, digs at your soul and holds you captive till the end. It’s so simple, really, but it’s wonderful the way the songwriter has crafted the track and sung his heart out within it. Everything, from the guitar, to the live sounding drum, the distortion, the melody, the quiet and the noise. A work of art, to be honest. One of the best songs I’ve heard this year.

“Out of the night, you touch me, your hand clutches mine.. The mysteries of life role on and on.. Into the tangled spells I roam..”

Your Body is the final track on this EP. The beat and the vibe and the noise and the atmosphere, all get brought up a notch at this point. The imagery is incredible, and everything works so well together that the whole song just screams escapism. It fills the room and it fills your head; I’m not entirely sure that the place I ended up was where the writer intended to send me, but many of the best songs take the whole world on a multitude of different journeys – the ambiguity of it intrigues and compels us.

This whole project is excellent. My only complaint is that it is just three songs, but perhaps to complain is to pave the way for disappointment. Although, having curiously listened to Ray’s previous recordings, I can confidently say that disappointment is extremely unlikely. Soundcloud is the place to go. Highly recommended.

BodyMysterySplendor. Three brilliant tracks. I sincerely look forward to future releases from Ray Bally. As mentioned, check it out for yourself on Soundcloud, and keep tabs on all things Ray Bally over on Facebook and his Blogspot.

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