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Rare Phantom Hate on Me


LA’s Rare Phantom stylishly brings together the contemporary sound of pop and alternative hip hop, with a notably impressive, engaging manner of songwriting.

Not only does Hate On Me fit well amidst the sound of 2020, but it leads with a quickly addictive, memorable melody, and a level of color and optimism in general, which effectively help elevate the whole thing.

As an introduction to the artist, Hate On Me works well – the production feels light and electro-pop-like in many ways, then there’s this heavy bass-line, and a trap-inspired clap of a beat. Then there’s the vocal line, placed fairly boldly within the mix, driving with passion and volume – consistently switching up the pace, and bringing through more than a couple of different melodic moments.

The whole thing feels like a subtle anthem for self-belief and determination. It’s not intrusive, not overly confident, but rather – designed to a precise and delicate level, and performed with unquestionable emotion and integrity. In short – a refreshingly interesting, well-written alternative track.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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