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Ranzel X Kendrick What A Pretty Day


Ranzel X Kendrick presents audiences with an intimate and free-flowing, organic folk-pop song that is joyfully calming to witness. The recording style has a raw or even vintage vibe to it, enhancing that intimate feel and making this appear is if it’s being performed right there in the room with you. There’s a particular, ongoing acoustic riff that makes up the signature trait of the musicianship, and alongside of this the male and female leading voices connect and contrast intermittently, furthering that feeling of realness, and throwing in a touch of togetherness that enhances even more so the brightness of the song and its concept.

The instrumentation on this piece has a certain sense of colour and character to it that really makes it stand out. This is not in an overly shouty or attention grabbing manner, but in the simple, creative details that make it what it is. The simplicity of the songwriting also works in favour of this. The lyrics offer up a string of widely accessible, comforting ideas, and though there is a clear connection between the leading performers, the connection between them and the audience is one that would likely shine well in a live setting. Thoughts such as every day is a gift are relevant to all of us, and the music has a certain happiness about it that really reinforces the sentiment. The whole thing works well in reminding you to stop and appreciate the simple things, to not take life for granted.

What A Pretty Day is a song from the upcoming album Texas Sagebrush, it was also one of the last songs to be recorded at Cheatham Street Woodshed in San Marcos, TX, which closed it’s doors at the end of DecemberStream the music on Spotify. Visit Ranzel X Kendrick’s Website for more information.

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