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Ranzel X Kendrick Crazy Love


Fresh from the album Texas Cactus, Ranzel X Kendrick’s Crazy Love emerges as an acoustic and warm country pop ballad that softly works its magic thanks to Kendrick’s gently expressive vocal and a perfectly supportive, organic soundscape.

Crazy Love is a song that fully underlines the very concept implied by the title. That is to say, the whole thing pours through as dedicative and appreciative of a significant other. Everything from the lyrics to the melody to Kendrick’s quietly honest voice reinforces this underlying sentiment of love and what real love can do for us. Loyalty and gratitude intertwine with peaceful, poetic imagery and scenes that suit the laid-back, calming mood of the music in a beautiful way.

What I like about this song is that it doesn’t try to be anything more than it is, it’s authentic and still beautiful, feeling like a classic Jack Johnson track in some ways – though always with that country pop twang that is the Ranzel X Kendrick approach. Without a doubt, the entire Texas Cactus album is one worth exploring – a collection of heartfelt, original songs, with a classic, comforting familiarity to the set-up.

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