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Ramalla The Voice of The Stillness


Celebrating the subtle strength of a powerful, natural singing voice, which softly breathes soulfully emotive and poetic ideas into an Enya-style ambient wash of warm simplicity, Ramalla’s The Voice Of The Stillness is an album of atmospheric beauty and bliss.

Utilizing a select few layers, focusing entirely on the inherent passion and heart of each piece, singer Catherine Corona – Ramalla – showcases a natural connection to the music and lyrics of each consecutive piece.

A softly bold, humble yet impressive debut, the album meanders through dreamlike layers that work in magical ways when experienced at volume. There’s a certain mightiness to each song, from the opening title track and onward through various string-kissed, faith-led instances of variety, which hits with unexpected impact – often deeply sentimental, occasionally breathtaking, always beautiful.

There is undoubtedly a profound and wonderful voice to be heard in stillness, it’s something we all can benefit from throughout our lives. This album encapsulates that process, paying tribute to quiet and calm in a pure and honest way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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