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Raiza Mind Trip EP


Southeast London rapper and artist Raiza continues his climb this summer, with the launch of the classically rooted and addictively gritty project Mind Trip.

Beginning with the stripped back nostalgic intensity of Bring It Back, Mind Trip quickly showcases a natural affinity for writing and performance – a mellow flow with a characterful tone and clever bars connecting a personal story-line.

Underneath this, simple haunting piano-work and classic rhythms maintain that UK rap presence akin to the underground’s greatest names (think Four Owls, Verb T).

Far from a one-trick pony, Raiza redirects the mood fairly instantly for the smooth vibes and catchy flow of the title-track Mind Trip. Easily infectious for its horn riff and unbreakable vocal thread, Mind Trip employs equal parts storytelling and poetic imagery, for a listen that captivates from start to finish. A definite highlight.

Smoke Break maintains the lightness of mood with an equally lighter vocal delivery and topic that’s well-placed for an easy track to vibe to. The simple fun of the sound helps the following track Rest In Peace hit with all the more impact – its darkness and intensity elevating that motivational aspect in a memorable way.

Wrapping things up is the creative production of an equally inspired We All Die One Day – a heavier dose of contemplation to shine further light on the poetic lyrical depths of Raiza’s natural ability at the helm.

The track connects once again, bridging the gap with humanity and heart, fearfulness displayed with fearless confidence in a manner that helps create a sense of calm and oneness with listeners; particularly those who may be feeling similarly lost and uncertain of the future.

Brief yet striking, minimalist but engaging for its purity and skill – Mind Trip is an easy contender for the long term indie rap scene, without a doubt.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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