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Rae du Soleil I Love You Close


California’s Rae du Soleil drives with an organic and naturally soulful approach to music, which proves brilliantly unique and compelling on this latest single.

Complete with a simple yet conceptually relevant video, I Love You Close emerges with the raw acoustic strum of a guitar, followed by Rae’s contrastingly delicate vocal tone; which grows more and more passionate and subtly gritty as the track progresses.

Meanwhile, there’s a fifties feel to the melodic development, and to Rae’s performance style. This long-form melody seems soaked in smokey jazz bar vibes, yet the lyricism and indeed the rhythm of the track often leans in a more contemporary direction. By the end, the whole thing has made perfect sense in its own genre-free and artistic way, and the lyrics have intrigued and connected in a manner that feels genuinely intimate.

It’s a refreshing arrangement, from an artist with a clear passion for the process, and for all of these reasons this is defiantly a stand-out indie single for this quarter of the year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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