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Life is the beautiful new single from Race Against Fate. Pairing the simple energy of an acoustic guitar and a sitar, the song’s ambiance is calming and delicate, the message and melody being the driving forces behind its strength. The singer’s leading voice has a certain smoothness that carries the song’s sentiments in a genuine and beautiful way. The performance feels authentic and heartfelt, and with all of its simplicity, it manages to speak volumes for that realness and honesty alone.

There’s a lot of space within the walls of this song, or perhaps more accurately – there are no walls at all, the song pours out around you as if written for anyone who has experienced loss. The quiet, instrumental moments allow you to really absorb what was presented, to consider it and relate to it in your own unique way. That’s what makes a great song in most cases, something that is incredibly personal, revealing, and emotionally truthful, but that expresses it not in an overly specific way – it appears as accessible, relevant to all of us, crafted to be shared and understood. That’s not to take away from what it means to the songwriter, far from it. It’s just to utilise the power of music and really create something that stands for togetherness.

Certain lyrics within the song lay out a particular scene that again seeks to be understood and connected with. Those songs on the radio that remind us, those thoughts of angels and even of regret. The song is notably sad, but it feels hopeful at the same time. The verses aren’t nearly as heartbreaking as the hook – this is where the true struggle emerges. The sadness is balanced well with the possibility and optimism in the musicality. It’s a well-written song that’s easy to recognise even after just a couple of listens.

Now you’ll never, ever see – what it is that you mean to me. 

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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