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Rabid Young EP1


A pretty big sounding band – big songs, good vibes, electro pop with all the best parts of indie rock thrown in. Synth style choruses reminiscent of the early days of The Killers, but a little gentler, perhaps – a more accessible lead vocal, someone you’re more inclined to feel like you know, more likely to connect with.

The EP is fantastic; Not Enough has that wonderful moment of slowing down for the chorus, breaking it down to just the big beat, the synth, and the melodic harmonies that get soaked up by your mind. All of the songs sync well together and yet, melodically, and lyrically, each one could be a huge hit if the mainstream industry got their hands on it. There are frequent moments of wondering if the band has an entire choir in it; a wonderfully produced chorus of vocals and chants and instrumentation takes place at various points throughout the record. A great feeling of oneness; teamwork, togetherness – all the things we like.

Brilliant song writing, particularly Beautiful Things – a personal favourite from the project, everything we’ve talked about above, and more. A much needed concept focusing on the positive things in life. You can listen to this one just below. Then there is Some Time – a smooth and slow sounding, reflective song – gorgeous riffs and a gentle vocal softly wrapping itself around you. A really brilliant song – every little sound and lyric clings to you in such a way that you welcome and adore the attention.

The project finishes with Home; a stunning little expression of attainable happiness, a mellow and soothing song, finishing with a gorgeous solo piano outro. Really lovely to hear after having felt such a massive impact from numerous memorable tracks all played in a row; an unexpected finale, reminding you to go home, if only for a while, when things get too overwhelming or difficult. “If your friends look like strangers and you’re all alone – would you come back home?” This band surprised us in so many ways, and none of it was disappointing. An absolute pleasure to discover.

Genuinely, we love this EP – a brilliant release, and a huge helping hand in getting 2016 off to a productive and joyful start. Nice work, Rabid Young. We look forward to future projects and seeing you perform live.

For all of our readers – Rabid Young are a Las Vegas band, you can keep up to date with their releases and whereabouts by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud. Head over to Bandcamp to grab your copy of the EP.

“Beautiful things never ask for attention.. Beautiful things never wait for you to notice them..”


Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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