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Rabert Blekni Heart On Fire (Feat. The Doeja)


Bringing together a long-form retro bass line with contemporary emo-rap vocals and a funky rhythmic backdrop, Rabert Blekni unites genres to a creative degree with the loving ode that is Heart On Fire.

Uniquely produced for its riff-work and fusion of organic and electronic elements, Heart On Fire also utilises a simple, short-lined and regimented vocal rhythm to imprint a series of ideas. It’s a single melody, two notes for the most part and extensive in approaching the two-minute mark with only this one format.

Then we get a rap feature, a change in tone and dynamic, and this latter section works brilliantly alongside the music – offering a nostalgic, classic hip hop vibe of clarity and storytelling; elevating the whole release all the more so.

Increasingly likeable, deeply personal and revealing, Heart On Fire delves into the subject matter with fearless vulnerability, and the contrast between The Doeja and Blekni’s vocal roles works well to raise the bar impressively.

Furthermore, despite its alternative, artistically unexpected roots, the completed release proves decidedly recognisable – a long-term quality that could work massively in its favour.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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