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Quinn Soular Ovah & Ovah (Feat. Ziggi Recado)


Ovah & Ovah needs listening to at volume, at the height of the summer time. Quinn Soular and Ziggi Recado have collaborated on this single and it’s an easy smash for the year, bringing together the colourful bounce of reggae with a few dashes of RnB, pop and hip hop.

The two artists compliment one-another and indeed the soundscape itself in a memorable way. It works, the sound is smooth, the hook is infectious, and the whole thing works hard to leave its aura lingering with you long after listening.

The reggae vibe is one that often gets left behind in modern music, but never when it reappears does it have anything but a positive effect on audiences. In this case, crisp and clean production lets the rhythm and groove of it shine in a fresh way. There’s also a lot to appreciate structurally about this release, the track isn’t simply a modern day take on reggae – far from it. The opening, meandering bass-line has a retro thickness and style, the verses lean back and forth between the other genres, the lyrics reach out and connect with just about anyone – offering the laid-back, good-times vibe that suits the flavor of the music perfectly.

If you need something brand new to be the track to get you hyped for the weekend or a night out, Ovah & Ovah has the goods to do the job. The potential for remixes is clear from the start, but the track in its entirety brings through the instant familiarity and swagger of a well-crafted, immersive piece of up-tempo, uplifting alternative pop. It works really well right now. The hook is simple but hugely effective. An ear-worm in the best kind of way. Both artists bring a level of calming confidence to the stage that lets the vibe work its magic indefinitely.

Download the track via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Quinn Soular on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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