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Quigley Watch With You


An inspiring and uplifting bit of piano brings this track forwards initially; the energy is intense – optimistic, drenched in hope – and the inner emotions of the song are fairly instantly expressed and openly shared with you as you listen.

The instrumentation of the song has a very classic, indie-pop sort of presentation to it. The chord progression reflects the feelings behind the lyrics effectively, and the music builds up and falls away on each occasion with beautiful precision and style.

The honesty of the song is perhaps the most interesting element of it all; with this kind of musical backdrop there is often a distant or abstract sense of subject matter. In this case, the song has something very personal and real about it, and furthermore – the leading vocal is immediately easy to warm to. There’s a brilliant bit of character to the voice, and this is backed up superbly by a string of stunning harmonies and instrumental performances, all of which helps reinforce this sense of honesty and realness.

The sound is hugely likable, at every turn there’s evidence of an intricate and thoughtful creative process, and the effort behind it all has more than paid off. The energy of the music is, as mentioned, uplifting from the offset. The concept and the key idea or hook is unusual enough to stay with you after listening, and accessible enough to make it something that we can all relate to and appreciate.

The whole thing leaves you feeling pretty wonderful – the power of music is alive and thriving. The track has been written, crafted, performed and produced with unquestionable skill and attention to detail, but perhaps much more than this; with every sound and every line expressed there is a distinct level of passion, and this makes it all feel like something very true to the nature of those involved. It adds a huge amount of value to be able to hear this, to be able to detect the love of music, and the love portrayed in the lyrics, and it’s not something that can really ever be convincingly faked – there’s a genuine sense of truth about it all, and that’s a big part of what makes the song so enjoyable to listen to.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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