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Queen Pink Rose Back At It


Queen Pink Rose drives with a thick bass-line and a quick anthem of a hook on this latest single. The rhythm and weight of Back At It hit with equal impact. A simple progression – short lines and plenty of space – help make the track leave its mark and introduce the artist as rightfully confident and committed to the cause in every possible way.

The accompanying video reinforces that determination and that natural swagger in a strong way. Queen Pink Rose loses herself in the performance, even within such a simplistic musicality. That bass-line is insane, standing tall at every step, and meanwhile these vocals, this sense of intention and drama, provide the thread or direction throughout the entire track.

Fans of hip hop and alternative pop alike will find character and intensity in this single. Back At It makes no apologies, the song bursts onto the scene with the natural volume of everything that it is. Nothing flashy or overbearing is needed – the track works on the strength of its own purpose and intention, and that is to be the anthem; to make an introduction, an entrance, and to make sure you walk away remembering the sound of those words.

The bars hold nothing back, and the flow never lets up until it’s all over and done with – even then you get a sense that the passion and motivation at the heart of the track is somewhat unstoppable. Back At It effectively encapsulates an artist with an unwavering desire to make music and to make things work. For all of these reasons, it’s everything a driven hip hop fan looks out for.

Back At It was produced by Deraj Global. The video was shot by Slick Tha Shooter and features Tesla The Pink Poodle. Find & follow Queen Pink Rose on Twitter & Instagram.

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