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Quarters Of Change Finish Lefty (Cyclone Trips)


Fresh out of high school and ready to aim high with their musical energy and creativity, Quarters Of Change bring through an authentically gritty and melodic indie-rock sound on their album Cyclone Trips, as well as a number of other respectable traits that build upon an inherent eclecticism and creative freedomFinish Lefty as an opener is a great place to begin.

Contrasting high-octane riffs and distortion with spacious, near-delicate verses, Finish Lefty builds up brilliantly and leaves you lost in the raw passion of heart-felt rock music. In the way that Highly Suspect felt like a refreshing ode to a simpler time, 90’s alternative rock perhaps, Quarters Of Change have a similar quality to their sound. The instrumentation is notably nostalgic, but it comes through with a certain freshness – a genuine energy and love for the genre. This extends throughout the leading vocal performance, the writing, and indeed the latter half breakaway when things really get distinctive.

Quarters Of Change are a young band who clearly take on a mixture of influences throughout this album. Not merely falling into the rock category, not merely labeling themselves one thing or another, they write songs that matter to them, that they feel, and the music comes through however the moment requires. There’s a sense of artistry to all of it, Cyclone Trip the song is notably different in style to the opener, and still it fits, and that leading voice, and that realness, all continues to grab you.

There’s a fascinating nature to the band’s songwriting and to the way they structure their songs. Nothing ever goes quite the way you expect it to, and yet that quickly becomes one of their most enjoyable characteristics. Expect big things from these guys, both recording-wise and in the way of live shows.

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