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Quantez Different Zone


Raising the bar for Australian hip hop with impressive sound-design and gritty, compelling bars united, Quantez lights up the space with ease, as the new EP Different Zone emerges.

For an opener, Activate is everything – musically ethereal, dreamy and focused, featuring a mellow yet confident vocal loaded with character yet proving a master of the flow and intelligent framing of ideas all at once.

Quantez blends the garage and UK rhythms and quickness of rap with a creative backbone inherently connected to the changing storyline and vocal weight, so the track works as one – addictively intentional and anthemic, always resolving to that hook concept and gifting a little more insight with each revisit.

As the six-track EP continues, these qualities stand taller still, but in consistently eclectic, unpredictable ways. Contemporary auto-tune layers meet with melodic keys for the equally delicate and thoughtful Everyday, and a sense of melodic intensity follows for the trap beat and vocal passion of a collaborative Regular.

Calming things down a little is the dancehall-kissed and intimate Specialman, that reverb-drenched production present as ever, the simple repeat of the title for the hook, all calling cards of Quantez. The softness here works well though to add dynamic to the project.

Paperchase furthers the modern qualities with heavy bass, trap rhythms, high-octane performances and familiar references that offer another relevant hook for the scene. The verses in between promise detail, personal storytelling, bridging that gap between artist and audience – every feature builds all the more so on this, making for a natural highlight from the EP.

Closing things down is the relevant and colourful Zone. Multiple layers of vocals and high energy levels make for a final anthem that suits the summertime release perfectly well.

As stated, Quantez works the mic with quiet confidence and an assured kind of style. The musicality is also consistently fresh. Different Zone aims high and hits the mark within this new twist of the rap genre.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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