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Qsound Shameful


Blissfully delicate and soulful, meandering vocals lightly guide listeners through a deeply personal, intimate hit of songwriting. An electro-pop soundscape that’s equally mellow yet wholly immersive by nature – Shameful is the brand new single from Qsound, and it proves an addictive introduction to the artist’s creative style.

Leading with a notably thoughtful subject matter, alongside a decidedly retro, nostalgic set-up, the song offers a late-night, softly funk-kissed ambiance that quickly invites a sense of calm and colour united.

Woven in amidst this is a story that details something a little more contemplative, uncertain and potentially regretful, but it’s subtle. The quiet nature of the vocals, the softness of the presentation – even the overall optimism of the sound, the chord progressions, the riffs – it all leans in favour of not allowing the topic to weigh down the experience.

It’s a clever way to craft, and it tips its hat towards the legends of yesteryear who had a similarly artistic and subliminal way of expressing their deepest emotions.

The song isn’t quite as heavy as the title implies, but there’s a definite sense of passion and uncertainty. The latter half in particular welcomes in a softly powerful vocal switch, which authentically underlines the shift in emotion, and effectively reinforces the intimacy and vulnerability of the whole track.

Emerging complete with a professionally captured set of visuals, utilising contrast all the more so between colours represented amidst shots, the song captivates all the more so when accompanied by its performative video. The clip draws further focus to the natural soul of the singer, and indeed to this clear passion for the process that’s highlighted throughout the recording.

Nicely done, a smooth and satisfying release, with a uniquely refreshing set-up right about now.

Download the single via Apple. Check out Qsound on Instagram or follow Monday Media.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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