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Blissful layering of retro tones, joyful melodies, and warm, immersive atmospheric qualities – the dreamy embrace of Pullssar’s HOME makes for a refreshingly timeless hit of instrumental escapism.

Showcasing a defiantly unique way with sound-design, HOME weaves in multiple moments of unexpected detail and intention throughout its post five-minute life span. What begins a mildly electro-pop-kissed progression, soon takes on subtle fragments of organic jazz and soulful vocal expressions, whilst maintaining this unmistakable and forever uplifting groove.

Aptly connected to its title concept, the track HOME does indeed feel like home. The intertwining of these melodies and the lightness of the hi-hat sound alongside the depth of the bass all works beautifully in calming and comforting the listener. At the same time, there’s a notable presence of good vibes to the whole thing – a softly inspiring quality that lingers after listening.

As a producer, Pullssar has meticulously built the track from equal parts professional intricacy and undeniable passion for the process and embrace of music. As such, HOME proves a deeply personal journey for each listener, both stylish and natural as these various warped synths and organic keys and vocals rain down all around.

Even with the nostalgic extended length of the piece, you don’t tire of the sound – quite the contrary, in fact; the music begs for you to replay it once the silence falls in.

Featuring samples from Rihanna and Slushii, HOME is a stand-out electronic composition from the album RESTING STATE, and introduces the producer and creative Pullssar in an impressively likeable way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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