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Prynce P Silent Scream


Following on from a series of high-profile collaborations, singles, projects and accolades, the increasingly renowned Prynce P further secures his role within the future of hip hop, with the captivating new single and animated video for Silent Scream.

Instantly compelling for its sense of drama and the apocalyptic imagery to match, Silent Scream brings together cinematic production of a classic hip hop depth, haunting original vocals with poetic contemplations, and gritty rap verses that inject a clear degree of urgency and weight.

The juxtaposition between elements helps reinforce the song’s clear relevancy and importance within our current times. The music continues, while the catastrophic surroundings collide and culminate to devastating results.

Coming in at just over four-minutes, Silent Scream impresses for its creativity yet also provokes a deeper consideration of the issues at heart. There’s a lot to take on, rightfully so, and as such the track naturally prompts the listener to revisit the visuals and writing almost immediately once it comes to an end.

Insightful and gripping, clever and unsettling yet musically engaging at the very same time, Silent Scream features the additional talents of of Bahador Mokhtar, Wolfie Moncler and Elise Bishop. The completed release is vastly eclectic within itself, yet also well-rooted amidst the known to connect building blocks of hip hop and alternative pop.

Check out Prynce P’s Website or head over to Instagram to follow Prynce P The Great, Bahador Mokhtar, Wolfie Moncler and Elise Bishop.

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