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PRUZ Chasedown / Thunder


Euphoric synths with an acid-like intensity meet with dreamy melodies throughout the eclectic EDM realms crafted by producer PRUZ.

As an introduction, Chasedown showcases the rising energy and classic dance escapism of the sound, with a boldly immersive rise up and drop into uniquely characterful escapism.

Various traits make up the PRUZ approach, whilst blending effectively with the known building blocks of popular EDM. At just one minute sixteen in length, Chasedown creates its own rules on every count, and actually hits with just enough interest and impact to keep listeners coming back for more.

Originality is a strength and fortunately runs throughout the PRUZ catalogue. Consider the classic summer chord progression and synth distortion of a retro yet uplifting Thunder.

Immediately the style is recognisable, yet here we great a fresh melodic journey, warped moments of sound-play, and a fearlessly gripping build up of alternative house and techno inspirations.

The overall finish has a retro flavour, almost gamer-like in tone and tenacity, later cinematic in the revert to mellow pacing for an underwater moment of redirection. Always the evolution is unpredictable but satisfying.

With Falldown, we’re thrown into an emotive arena of delicacy and detail. The distant rhythm comes from organic ideas, the rise emerges earlier on, and the drop is incredibly heavy – dirty and bass-thick in its sludgy juxtaposition with the ethereal lightness of elsewhere.

A definite highlight for the sheer cinematic intrigue and genre-free experimentation in line with the emotional embrace of it all.

Then from the longer project Runaway, Breakdown leans towards familiar EDM with its summertime energy and the unity between the bass and the lighter notes. The drop hits with an air of minimalism, interesting and effective once again, and the briefness as ever works well to showcase the producer’s ability and devotion whilst leaving fans keen to replay the track.

PRUZ brings something undoubtedly fresh to the EDM scene, utilising the threads of enveloping warmth renowned across the genre, but also incorporating more than a few clever traits of identity and appeal – the likes of which will hopefully lead to longevity as an artist, with an ever-growing audience.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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