ProphiSee - Shawty We Can - Stereo Stickman

ProphiSee Shawty We Can


Strength of songwriting gives a clear edge to the new anthem from rapper and artist ProphiSee.

Instantly catchy, laid-back in topic but with creative production and an impressively fresh melody, Shawty We Can introduces the cleanly-mixed vocal intricacies and character of ProphiSee on a notable high.

The title-concept, hook, and decidedly unorthodox, colorful production of Shawty We Can unites to deliver an ultimately engaging groove, with a clearly versatile flow and cleverly-crafted set of bars along the way.

Bringing together the carefree confidence of hip hop with the unmistakable mainstream appeal of quirky pop production and recognisable threads, Shawty We Can sets the mood with ease, connecting for its familiarity and freshness alike.

In short, the release showcases the very best of ProphiSee in a way that will hopefully keep fans tuning back in for more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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