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Proper Einstein Commercials (EP)


Stylishly blending a dreamlike yet rising soundscape and beat, with a higher-toned vocal style and writing manner similar to that of The Weeknd, Proper Einstein sets the mood with ease throughout this ambient and soulful new RnB release Commercials.

Come Kick It starts things off with a mellow mood vocally and an impressive soundscape. Featuring a strong structure, multiple layers of contrast from heavy bass-lines to lighter synths, the track utilizes short rhymes to pave its way towards the simple repeat of the title concept – speaking purely on the good times, the need to chill out and take it easy; to escape from the weight and the busy side of life. A great way to start the project.

Making Moves leads with a fresh soundscape again, a simple chord-progression but a retro synth choice. Proper Einstein tells more of his story, keeping things light-hearted as ever and still holding close to this nostalgic vocal style and RnB structure. The hook is unexpectedly intense and passionate, a great use of contrast again and a definite highlight.

Tropical steel-drum vibes kick off a contemporary-themed and quirky, rhythmic Selfie. Proper Einstein makes fine use of any soundscape and style at his disposal, arranging this near-freestyle-like manner of performance over the top of just about any track.

Metalistic is perhaps the most conceptually intense song on the EP. It talks of drive and determination, big dreams, and the music sets an equally deep-thinking, intense and motivational vibe alongside this. Once again, the song’s hook manages to resolve and satisfy in a mighty way. A personal favorite track from the whole project and well worth a listen. There’s a sense of confidence and poetry united here, it’s subtle but effective, and it lifts the mood of the room with ease – leaving a sense of possibility and self-belief.

Stay True then brings things to a refreshingly mellow, delicate finish – an intimate and light piece of music and writing, focused on loyalty and self-empowerment, personal strength, with a fresh melodic structure that highlights yet another side to Proper Einstein’s versatility. There’s a hint of MJ here more than ever, the smooth soul and hopeful brightness of the whole thing.

The perfect way to end, given the way the song stands out amidst the collection for its subtle confidence and inspiring ideas. Another highlight, and a beautiful end to an EP that effectively lights up the Proper Einstein creative corner in an intriguing and professional manner.

Download the EP via Apple. Check out Proper Einstein on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website. Check out producer JudoFlipChopX3 on Twitter & IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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