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project pronin In Your Eyes


LA’s project pronin leads with emotional intention on this latest release, resulting in a decidedly ambient and immersive audio journey, complete with a similarly emotive video that celebrates humanity and human eyes in general.

What begins as a fairly simple and warm piece of dance music, heartfelt and quite refreshing in chord progression, soon evolves to veer off into conceptual lyrical territory. Featuring a retro effected voice, distant yet intriguing, robotic yet human all at once, the song draws your focus more intently to the details of the video. Rather than mere stock footage, there is again a sense of purpose and meaning to the visuals, and as the artist sings or speaks these ideas to you – short, poetic lines, reflections on life and fear – the visuals work hard to captivate and even entrance.

In Your Eyes plays out for close to four and a half minutes, and interestingly, that final minute – extending the track’s reach beyond that of industry standards – is where things get the most hypnotic and fascinating. You’ve easily acclimatized to the rhythm and uplifting embrace of the music by now, only really the lyrics remain, and a sense of needing to piece together these thoughts and fragments – the images, the references.

Musically there’s a little Depeche Mode to the vocal sound, and the beat in some ways, though crisp contemporary production does help elevate things into a newer realm. The soundscape itself is beautiful, a pleasure to listen to at volume, and in terms of imagining the live show – these accompanying visuals would work superbly across the walls of the club. Undoubtedly something of a timeless, alternative dance hit. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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