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Project Playlist Hook Me Up


Taking the very heart of classic hip-hop – the mellow yet bass-heavy beat, the somewhat haunting, repetitive riff running consistently in the backdrop, the simple yet memorable hook – this latest release from Project Playlist has both a classic and fresh feel to it.

The track’s mix places that leading electronic riff quite high, occasionally taking focus away from the rap vocal, but at the same time creating this hypnotic and defiant musicality that surrounds you much like any down-tempo EDM track might. On top of this, the varying rap vocals between chorus sections showcase a string of ideas and characters. The story telling varies, the verse coming in at around the three minute mark offers up a fairly dark scene, a mellow yet gritty performance presents these lines that grab your attention effectively. Following this, the beat kicks back in and the structure of the whole piece really influences the way in which each moment is received.

The hook is the main driving force behind the whole release. The rhythm and flow of it is something that comes in just enough times to make sure you know what you’ve experienced and you’ll remember it. That classic and even retro hip-hop vibe is something that is likely to appeal to fans of the genre who’ve become somewhat tired of the overuse of auto-tune and other such modern-day rap music techniques and effects; those that tend to overpower the actual essence and sentiment of the genre. Here the heart of the genre is maintained and celebrated, and this brings a definite sense of realness. Plus, those characters, that personality, it all shines more accessibly and honestly in this kind of setting. The more you listen, the more familiar those voices become, and the sound has certain collective qualities that further the authenticity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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