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profess8r the CONcept


Aptly-titled and loaded with personality, profess8r injects a clear degree of identity into modern hip hop, with this vocally fresh and musically nostalgic new album.

the CONcept kicks up with a raw soundbite to incite rightfully conceptual intrigue, before the very first anthemic and actual intro *music starts playing showcases the character and rhythm of what’s to come.

Lyrically there’s confidence and freestyle elements intertwined with fragments of personal storytelling, highlighted initially throughout the dance-kissed and addictively rhythmic testing grounds, at which point profess8r’s voice is unmistakable in both tone and flow.

The album continues to switch things up creatively, dreamy progressions and further soundbites really setting the scene for each exploration of drive and devotion to the cause.

they never was ready hits with heavy bass work and lighter synth downpours alongside a rise-and-fall vocal and contrasting verse flow that effectively captivates. Flavours of classic hip hop stand tall, as do subtle traits of garage and yesteryear anthems – something true again within a bass-thick P.R.O, and the soulful jazz-cafe traits of daily convos.

Elsewhere we get subtle dancehall flavours and unexpected emotion, such as with the melodic, intimate and poetic 2Hearted – a welcomed change in direction at just the right moment. The spacious minimalism of mirrors also shines well in juxtaposition with this, and the closing track exercise books / manvros kaytall offers a final unexpected twist in musicality and delivery; a touch of Kendrick and another fresh scene and story that holds tight to your attention.

Keeping things contemporary on the mic, musically eclectic throughout, and always held up by integrity in both story and performance style, the CONcept introduces the rapper and artist profess8r with equal parts contemplation and unwavering self-belief.

Guiding listeners through the ups and downs of a life, committed to the process of creativity and this project, profess8r impresses and naturally bridges the gap between hip hop’s past and present.

Download or stream the CONcept here. Check out profess8r on Instagram & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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