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Private Agenda Sienna


Sienna is the first of four tracks to be released as part of Berlin based duo Private Agenda’s upcoming EP Primary Colours. The duo describe the music as a study of tones; the sound of static, analogue electronic instruments and a drum machine. Once you press play though, the music hits in a deeply therapeutic and softly emotional way; the detail of it is somewhat overpowered by the general effect, and that’s a powerful attribute.

As producers, the mix is incredibly creative and has been flawlessly crafted to a superbly professional level. There’s a smoothness to it all, these dreamlike, occasionally retro sounding synths and samples. There’s also an overwhelming delicacy that makes you feel as if sitting perfectly still is the best way to receive it – not wanting to interrupt the peacefulness or break anything with erratic human behavior. There’s a blissful order and soft sense of movement to the music that carries your consciousness along as the whole thing progresses.

Private Agenda are fusing a number of different elements of music, but it’s not particularly clear where any of the influences come from, which really makes it all the more valuable. There’s a sense of now to it, a freshness and relevance that leaves you calm and unconcerned by the surrounding world and all of its turmoil.

At one point the beat falls away, and the riffs, the ambiance that pours over you is intensely euphoric. It has the effect of leaving you feeling completely at one with your current moment. The notes chosen combine to give off something of a magical quality, a trait that isn’t often found in ambient music – this following of a certain riff or melody, this memorable collection of notes. The single has a hook, and that’s unusual, and beautiful to listen to. The Primary Colours EP is definitely one to watch out for.

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