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Primordial Alien Nullified


Intensely heavy bass and gritty distortion meet with Incubus-esque vocal fragments of thought and melody – Primordial Alien blends freedom of production with conceptual depth and darkness, for Nullified.

Currently a brief demo preceding a highly-anticipated album, Nullified begins with the above exploration of creative audio and lyrical contemplation. Open Eyes is brief yet striking, capturing attention with ease yet far from depicting what the rest of the project will sound like.

As the darker metal tones of Shadow Of Yours fall into play, versatility proves a clear trait, and yet even with this eclectic prominence, still the voice, the bass, the fusion of melody, rhythm and intensity, feels aptly united in the Nullified realm.

For Point Zero we return to cinematic stylings, an immense downpour of bass, synth and tripped rhythm injecting intrigue and further mystique into proceedings. In just a few short minutes, the artistry of Primordial Alien has made itself clear.

And even to look elsewhere, these new recordings are a far cry from the acoustic pop-punk vulnerability of First Love, Last Love (Songs Of Yesterday), and again from the progressive rock clarity and near rap verses of Falling Upside Down. In every case, however, there’s consistently a creative presence and thoughtful sense of meaning to all things Primordial Alien – an artist devotedly taking the time to carve out a unique yet purposeful, authentic audio direction.

No doubt the new album will be one that provokes deeper consideration, and allows for all-consuming escapism at the very same time.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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