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Prime Sinister Barium


UK hip hop at its most chill and intense united – Prime Sinister delivers a nostalgic anthem, overflowing with snappy wordplay and sharp rhymes.

Backed by a dissonant piano-riff and classic rhythm and production, Barium kicks into gear with its quick-worded, listing-style hook, capturing affection with an hypnotic vocal pace that effortlessly draws you in to get involved.

Increasing that vocal pace and passion throughout, as we shift from mellow stoner-rap towards the grittier depths of a purposeful story and its associated scenes, Barium slowly but surely moves from likable to captivating. All the while, that Prime Sinister voice continues to connect and impress – feeling partly like a laid-back ode to the sheer joy of performance and writing rhymes, and partly like a heartfelt deep-dive into the human psyche.

Balance is key, and it’s something that naturally elevates the Prime Sinister sound throughout an otherwise familiar and enjoyably timeless Barium. Fans of The Four Owls or Kings Cvstle will no-doubt find this an easy one to vibe to at volume.

Download or stream Barium here. Check out Prime Sinister on Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Bandcamp & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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