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Prewashjosh DnD


Less than 1.5 minutes in length and following the simple, familiar rolling structure of modern emo rap, Prewashjosh encapsulates the escapism of ‘Do Not Disturb’ with a dreamy and drained-sounding new single.

Unique in production but familiar in vocal style, except with a certain refreshing clarity to the up-front mixing of the voice, DnD showcases a laid-back recording style that’s naturally in tune with the song’s concept.

The performance has a tiredness about it, reinforcing the isolation request of the lyrics, and the production keeps things moving yet mildly interesting and ambient for a touch of intrigue that will hopefully linger across future releases.

Heavy, distorted bass elevates the energy of the piece for a further hit of appeal, and in the distance we get fragments of that voice echoing out, underlining the late-night, insomniac-style of longing for individuality and the bachelor lifestyle so prominent in the lyrical outpouring.

There’s a freestyle vibe to the whole thing, the contemporary sound of rap and melody intertwined, and all in all Prewashjosh makes his tone and intentions undeniably clear.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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