Presidential P - Let's Go - Stereo Stickman

Presidential P Let’s Go


Superb sound design brings through a mellow beat and string-led ambience for this rhythmically addictive new hip hop anthem from Presidential P.

Featuring a surprisingly up-front, clean-cut vocal lead, the song immediately bursts into its hook section – contrasting the delicacy and calm of the soundscape with a passionate, loudly mixed voice that quickly injects a memorable chorus into the process.

Following this, the beat falls back all the more so, laying bare a spacious, minimalist setting, accompanying a change in vocal flow for a few short lines but an equal simplicity – all as the verses take the reigns.

While the vocal is a little more invasive when compared to the hypnotic groove of the music, this seems in keeping with the very concept of the track. The whole thing speaks on confidence, good times, a kind of care-free, live for the moment sort of aura. Furthermore, you get a clear sense of the tone and character of the artist – something that will prove easily recognisable across future releases. Let’s Go leaves its mark, for sure.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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