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Preck Let Dem Know


Let Dem Know offers up a great beat, fusing a classic hip hop mood with something a little more electronic and synth-let. The ambiance works well, the vibe is mellow and easy to get into, and on top of this, you get a distinct and characterful leading artist delivering the hook and the lyricism and the flow in a confident and stylish way.

It’s not easy to craft a track that stands out in an ever growing world of music. Let Dem Know immediately introduces itself in a way that grabs you. The sound of that leading voice is characterful and memorable, and the flow is superb – increasingly impressive as the track progresses. What you also notice about this release is that the music and the performer work hand in hand to create a united effect. The soundscape stops and starts appropriately, as does the rap flow, and the vocal effects chosen really seem to bring the human element into the centre of the sound – so everything works as a unit, hand in hand.

The track quickly makes itself known as a completed and well produced rap release that works well at high volumes. For those who love the genre, Preck presents the necessary swagger, skill, and story-telling to really draw you in, as well as that touch of something fresh – that snippet of individuality that is the cornerstone of making sure people remember you and recognise you and come back for more. Even the notes chosen by the opening synth meander in a non-standard manner. You get a little of various genres and cultures, plus the two contrasting synth riffs help make this a multi-layered rap project, which adds a lot of colour and helps keep things interesting. There’s a lot to like about it.

Check out the music on Soundcloud & the lyrics at Genius. Find & follow Preck on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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