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Polymonox False Relief


Artist and producer Polymonox brings audiences a fresh take on electronic music, this latest offering False Relief being perhaps one of the most striking yet. His approach to production is that of a deeply creative and expressive nature, but at the same time, the attention to detail and the sheer finish and effect of this music underlines a superbly professional outlook and string of impressive abilities.

To try to break it down to the bare style or genre, this track moves in and out between a somewhat oriental, melodic aura, dub step, and a slightly harder hitting, electronic-rock fusion of sorts. Structurally Polymonox utilises the entire three minute time-frame to build around you a multi-layered soundscape, complete with stops and starts, rhythm variations, colour and apparent volume increases – all resulting in something that feels like a run through a chaotic neighborhood; not unlike a short, cinematic film.

The opening few bars of music actually feel like a medieval hip hop offering on second listen. Then you start to get those details, these vocal snippets, the thickness of the beat – crisp and satisfying, a further testament to brilliant production – and these completely iconic riffs. The instrumental choices have given the track so much character, and all the while, the build-up and the subsequent drop hits with immense impact – feeling both nostalgic (rave-like, familiar) and undeniably fresh. A sense of culture fusion actually emerges that suits the times and the sounds of today pretty perfectly.

Elsewhere in Polymonox’s short but striking catalogue are an eclectic collection of tracks, varied in unexpected ways. Ashen Plainsfor example, is an emotionally loaded, smooth and beautiful journey through captivating, dreamlike audio. A stunning track and for totally different reasons than False Relief. 

What you notice as you progress through his music though, is that these levels of impact, these details and supremely impressive soundscapes, all offer some distinct and unmistakable threads that you soon come to know as being the Polymonox approach. The contrast between the thickness of the beat and the lightness of those higher end synths – this space in between – is a huge example. Most producers blend and compile the layers within the track, letting things get heavier and heavier, whereas Polymonox seeks to arrange them within a much broader arena – so they scatter around you, they include you, and they redirect your attention on numerous occasions. It’s mesmerising, and as stated – incredibly impressive.

Fales Relief is chaotic and vibrant, completely immersive, addictive, and more and more enjoyable each time it pours through. Also worth exploring is Game Over? from a little further back – a track that takes on a relevantly retro, gaming-like aura and emerges in a captivating, story-telling style. The music builds brilliantly and the piece grows more and more immersive and energizing as it progresses. In all cases, listen loud for the full effect.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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