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Polarbando Never Giving Up (Feat. El Taks)


Polarbando and El Taks collaborate to superb results on this latest single. From the very beginning, everything about Never Giving Up is likable and uplifting – the hook kicks in to start things up, that acoustic backdrop laying the words and the melody bare, and so from the offset you’re drawn in by this organic sense of drive and determination.

The acoustic approach works beautifully, there’s a beat that drops in during certain moments – the voices build a little at the same time, so these parts energize and add warmth. Elsewhere, the verses see the leading voice and the guitar guide you through alone. Though the vocal is soaked in auto-tune, you’re almost used to this effect as a contemporary choice in pop music, and because the lyrics have such an accessible purity and that inherent desire to live well and to achieve things – that relatable level of ambition – you still get a notably genuine and real vibe from the experience.

The song’s hook works well to resolve everything talked about in the verses – what begins as a dream, leads through these high-energy moments of never giving up, to ultimately end up at a stage in which it’s no longer a dream but a reality. It’s inspiring, everything from the title to the bounce of the hook to the very concept running throughout – it works for you, being both personal but well-crafted; so as to make it a quickly memorable hit that can be shared by music fans far and wide. The brightness and the focus represented has a lot of value, and the song sounds great – easily recognisable, too. Well worth streaming this summer.

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