POINT3NINE - CURFEW LP - Stereo Stickman



Intense and dreamy in equal parts, the limitless artistry of POINT3NINE’s extensive catalgoue reaches peak creative freedom, for the uniquely intoxicating soundscapes of CURFEW.

Exploding into gear with a retro nineties crackle and the vibe-setting unity of guitar, sirens and a classic beat, CURFEW‘s title-track sets the bar well for its cinematic juxtaposition of melodic calm and outright urgency and weight. The journey is brief yet striking, not outstaying its welcome but laying the foundation for a nostalgic and intriguing ten-track listen.

We veer towards grunge for Let It Roll, the guitar sound raw once again, simple yet effective – a masterful back and forth between chaos and serenity now adding a level of structure and mystique that helps underline the personality of POINT3NINE.

As we continue to creep through these backstreets of yesteryear, Boxing injects another scene-setting twist of sound-play – police radio fragments and a compelling lo-fi undertone that’s both dark and hypnotic to let play. There’s a subtle pulse to the CURFEW project, humble threads of character in the production and playful musicianship, which all connects well to the story and inspiration at its core. The streets are quiet at night, until they’re suddenly wild.

Atmospheric trip hop with an edge of organic design – quirky production but done with minimalism and realness that lets you fall deep into the hypnosis of the set. The Dream Is Dead hits like a blast from the musical past, maintaining the POINT3NINE status quo but also refreshing the scene with its panning intensity and fragments of riff and voice.

Level follows with mystery and momentum sustained from a perfectly arranged album, its delicacy and detail again letting the audio wholly consume the listener. Then for Thief In The Night, the classic stomp and sound-check guitar meet with dissonance and darkness, for an enticing groove that’s naturally recognizable. Sketchy Scene takes us deeper into that darkness, distant bass and haunting moments of unexpected movement and tune creating an almost sci-fi-like venture.

If you were ever a fan of early Massive Attack, Audio Bullies, Portishead, even the production of 1990’s Hip Hop, the sound-play and ambiance of this project will relight a world of memories, and with that is a totally fresh take for its simplicity and traits that prove uniquely POINT3NINE.

G.S.T.Q feels almost like the party in the next building, national pride and political opposition lingering towards the final quarter, before we get another groove and a tripped-up rhythmic style for the compellingly creative Badman.

A Street Spirit is the closing piece, the atmospheric embrace engaging from the outset, then scratch-style production and fragments offering a sense of energy and comforting looping, which plunges the listener deeper into their own limitless imagination.

Escape from the mundane into a pure and purposeful realm of uncertainty and rhythm. This is one for the long-term playlists, without a doubt.

Download the LP Curfew. Find POINT3NINE on Bandcamp, Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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