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PNG733 More Than Friends


A quickly infectious pop-reggae crossover that’s as catchy as it is enjoyable – this new single from PNG733 offers precisely the right kind of colour and bounce required to lift the mood this lock-down.

Written as an ode to exactly what the title implies, More Than Friends tackles infatuation and curiosity in relationships. The concept is fairly relatable, though it’s the natural bounce of the music, and the likable vocal tone and easy-going melody, that are the quickest to connect.

The song is well-written, simply put – it’s minimalist in many ways, far from complex in set-up, but it stands tall on the strength of its arrangement. First there’s that fine balance between the organic and the electronic – it’s easy to visualize a live performance of this, particularly during a daytime festival set; somewhere many of us wish we could be right about now.

Secondly, there’s the short lines of the verses – the pace of these, and the sudden mellow drop to what proves a satisfying resolve of a hook.

And underneath all of this, the classic energy of reggae works its magic, yet the chord progression has a touch of something a little more thoughtful, contemporary and refreshing. The song brings a whole new mood that seems perfectly on point right about now. And that voice is ideal for the job – carrying the simple good vibes and loving optimism of the song with authenticity and ease.

A great single, easy to love – that heavy bass-line adds a whole other layer of ambient approval. Well worth a few spins this summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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