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PMPY Summer Smile


Introducing a subtly unique fusion of genres, a summertime ambiance of soulful intentions and the skillful layering of rhythms, synths and details – producer PMPY delivers the good vibes of the season, for Summer Smile.

Reaching just past the four-minute mark, the creative nuances of Summer Smile help present a clear sense of originality in line with the otherwise recognizable qualities.

The song begins with an RnB meets folk-pop vocal line, and progresses to employ ad-libs and lashings of space and sound-design, teasing a sense of rising EDM anticipation, before dropping back to that simplicity and imagery from before.

Conceptually unexpected in its lyrical depth of questions on life, death, and the role of the self, Summer Smile proves a consistently unpredictable, unorthodox yet effective trip hop offering. It introduces the artistic pathway of PMPY in a quickly likable, relatable and interesting fashion.

Featuring the additional gift of Larianna’s delicate vocals, Summer Smile pours through with precisely the right balance of colours and layers, for that smooth summertime mood that naturally calms the soul.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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