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PMKS Rock And Roll Girl


2018’s world of music is off to a strong start. Instrumentally, this new release from PMKS has a distorted thickness that brings the sound confidently into the hard-rock world, rhythmically as well – the song stands out from the band’s previous work for a number of reasons.

The way PMKS fuse energetic keys, manic drums, and full, thick guitar parts, makes for a fairly unique sound in itself. Then of course you get the leading voice, Spike’s unmistakable performance style. In this case, the verses are presented in a low, almost whispered tone, which adds hugely to the new sound, as well as leading up with powerful contrast towards the hook.

Lyrically you can always expect a touch of fun and a touch of politics from PMKS. Rock And Roll Girl brings these two elements together in one of the best examples yet – simple, subtle, yet it catches your attention. From a songwriting perspective, the piece has been arranged really well, each section has its characteristics, its traits – the lower toned vocal is accompanied by the keys, the higher yet equally soft one is surrounded by space and a more mellow drum line, then the hook hits – a surprisingly delicate moment at first, a distant vocal lingers, the music breaks down further. The structure of the song is unexpected, which makes it appear as quite fresh, and this is definitely one of the best vocal performances so far from PMKS, in my opinion.

At over five minutes long the creative drive has been met here with a distinct awareness of how to craft a song. The punk rock essence remains, in the ideas, the unpredictability, the changing vocal style throughout. However, there are certain moments of quiet on this single, and as stated, this sort of contrast works wonders for the effect of the music.

Check out the Lyric Video here & Live Version here. Find & follow PMKS on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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