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PMKS How Dare You


Making their long-awaited return to the indie scene, the unmistakable voice of Spike Summers and PMKS emerges with a song that’s precisely as intentional as its now infamous title question implies.

How Dare You takes on the globally renowned words of Greta Thunberg and delves into ‘generation genocide’ and our leadership’s ‘grotesque betrayal of the world’.

Somewhat toned down from their punk-rock origins, the song makes fine use of melodic guitar-lines and a quietly mixed, distant vocal – not to mention a layer of flute to really brighten things up.

The colourful arrangement is refreshing, a highlight from the band and a clear step in a likeable new direction. The humility of the set-up, of the vocal placement, all adds a crucial air of integrity to the song – it allows the grit, the scorn and anger of the lyrics, to reach out in a more accessible way.

Rather than forcing the ideas upon the listener, as is often described by opposers about any call to action, the song first lures them in with melody, catchy rhythms, and the brilliant tumble and crash of live drums.

All the more effective for these choices and a further reminder that we are far from in the safe zone regarding our climate and the future of our world. A personal favourite from PMKS across all releases. Welcome back!

Single out November 5th – Pre-save it here. The live debut will follow at The Space on Sunday November 7th. Check out PMKS on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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