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Plump Da Kidd Chances


Heavy vocals, pristine production and a clear sense of identity – Plump Da Kidd blends the classic weight of hip hop with a contemporary edge throughout this impressively honest, hard-hitting new album.

Kicking off with the title-track, Chances highlights itself as inspired by the original legends of the genre – the weight and warmth of the bass and beat, a simple wash of melody in the distance, and an upfront vocal that’s cleanly mixed and lyrically open. Throw in a modern flow with these short lines and this rhythm, and the sound effectively walks the line between nostalgic and new.

Pile Of Franklyns follows and already the style follows these threads of identity yet brings in a fresh vocal rhythm and a more laid-back, colourful story-line.

As the project continues, creativity shines in both the inspiration behind tracks and the approach to lyricism. Always the bass is heavy, the riffs elsewhere creating a contrasting delicacy or late-night vibe, and the voice providing an ever-worthy connection to the personality of the artist. Donkey Kong and Like Shottaz stand out for their subtle, even mellow confidence and swagger.

Injecting a little versatility is the track God Wit You. Enter keys, a jazz vibe and a sense of optimism and brightness. Lyrically interesting, varied in flow – a definite highlight. Then there’s the poignancy of the closing track Justice, one that captivates for its hard-to-swallow truth bomb and musical embrace alike.

Plump Da Kidd keeps things genuine yet also rides the wave of this recognisable and decidedly contemporary sound – a balance that works well within the current hip hop landscape. Turn up the bass and enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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