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Plastic Barricades One for the Road


Smooth rock vibes and classic songwriting meet with a vintage set of visuals for this brand new single from Plastic Barricades.

Songwriting stands tall on this one, short lines walk you through a long-form yet rhythmic melody, by means of a surprisingly gentle leading voice – a quality that proves recognisable and unique to the Plastic Barricades sound.

Meanwhile, a spacious and mellow set-up allows hypnotic guitar riffs to slowly but surely work their magic, and to pave the way well towards a subtly powerful build-up and satisfying drop to the hook. At this point, a definite Oasis twang emerges – the distance, the higher notes, the anthem-like finish.

While the song sounds good from the offset, it’s undoubtedly one that gets better with each revisit. Those familiar hints of character shine a little more brightly every time, and once you know the progression, it’s easy to get swept away by it.

All in all, you get a strong impression that a live show is where things would really come to life. And in the same instance, these decidedly poetic and thoughtful lyrics connect on a profound level, comforting the deep thinkers out there and offering a moment of togetherness that’s a pleasure to be embraced by.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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